img_1065-001-bren-headshotBrendan Bloom: One of Brendan’s earliest memories as a child was the smell of fresh baked goods emanating from the family kitchen as his parents, new business owners, were hard at work tinkering with recipes for cakes, muffins and scones that were made from scratch each day.   He had the best job as child – tasting all of the amazing items that were coming out of the oven.

Fast forward to today and Brendan still considers his to be the best job in the world, working with an amazing group of dedicated professionals to create handcrafted, delicious food and provide the most gracious service money can buy.   Brendan has travelled abroad and lived all over the country, including San Francisco, Boston, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Chile and Ecuador.   Although he loves the diversity of flavors from abroad,  America is the place where it all comes together…an amazing melting pot of food cooked with outstanding domestic ingredients and a touch of America ingenuity.   For him, it was only natural that life’s path would lead him back to the thing he loves and obsesses about most: food!

After graduating from Colby College, Brendan dabbled in law and in sales.  But, when the opportunity presented itself to rejoin La Cuisine in 2006, those childhood memories all came flooding back.   In 2015, he was able to buy La Cuisine from his parents.    We are now once again a family run business with the addition of Brendan’s wife and business partner, Christina Holmes.   When not working Brendan loves to surf, compete in triathlons, travel, eat, and most importantly spend time with his two little boys Finn and Ryder.    Life is a journey, enjoy it with a full belly!

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