Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!
We sent summer out with a blast this past weekend with this rocking, farm party which embodied some of the best of what summer entertaining can be. A live band, great company, excellent food, signature cocktails, and perfect weather. We hope you enjoy these photos.

Photos: Lena Teveris

Recipe: Grilled Halibut with Tomatoes
If you are looking for a simple, fresh recipe using those local, late summer tomatoes, check out this one from Bon Appétit for Grilled Halibut.  Let us know what you think!

Rosh Hashanah Menu Available
For those celebrating Rosh Hashanah, our menu for this holiday is available here. Please place your order by September 17th.

Fall Flavors
Shorter days and cooler nights inspire some of our seasonal favorites such as Chef Luis’ famous Apple Butternut Squash Soup. On the sweet side, Pastry Chef Chris will feature baked treats such as pies and cobblers with locally grown pears and apples. Stay tuned for more!