Go Green

Keep it Local: We like keeping our carbon footprint low, and by buying locally we support purveyors in our neighborhood.  This works well in season, and due to the fact that we live in New England, not as well in the off season.

Our beef is free from growth hormones or antibiotics, as is our poultry. We support organizations that educate and raise awareness of ocean issues, sustainable and reckless fishing tactics and aquaculture.  Needless to say, what we serve is sustainable whenever possible!

Our produce is from local sources such as our own gardens, our neighbor Labella’s, Medlyn’s in Branford, and other nearby sources in season.

When our clients have an interest in cheese, we start by suggesting New England artisanal cheeses.  Then we reach out to cheeses from across America and Europe.

We are mindful of any special dietary needs or allergies our clients may have. We are proud to feature gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian items on our daily to-go menus and custom full-service catering menus.

Keep it Seasonal: We write menus for the season; it’s what your body wants and it just makes sense.  We like looking forward to strawberries in June, Blueberries in July, and Peaches in August!

Keep it Biodegradable: In our to-go shops our plates are made from cane sugar.  Our flatware, clear to- go containers and cups are made from cornstarch.  We offer the same for catering as well as plates, flatware from sustainable bamboo.

Keep it Hand Crafted: We like to do things the old fashioned way: all-natural cuisine.  We prepare everything from scratch, but some of the breads we us.  This means we employ more chefs and bakers because we do things by hand, rather than buying prepared, canned or frozen ingredients.   Why do we do this? Well that’s the easy part, because it tastes better and we pride ourselves on serving the best food we can.  We’ve raised a family on La Cuisine’s food.

Keep it Recycled: We recycle in our shops, café, office, kitchens and at our events.  We compost for our gardens as well.